Friday, 13 November 2015

Weeping Planet

The cries were heart shattering, and sounded like the weeping of a broken child.  I walked around my house, but found no one.  I hollered for the attention of the spirit of Wisdom. "Slowly!" He burst forward from the trunk of a large nearby tree,

Your Soul has a Home in my Heart

I opened my eyes, to see the spirit of Wisdom sitting at my side, on the bed. I put my hand out to awaken you, but you were not by my side.

Wishing wont make it so

"Why are you laughing at me?" The spirit of Wisdom had collapsed in a heap on the floor due to uncontrollable laughter.

What do you own?

"Ha!" The outburst was sarcastic.  The spirit of Wisdom stood by the fire, visible only to me, as I socialized with friends and acquaintances. "What's the matter with you?" I asked through the mouth of my heart. "Their bad habits," he pointed to those present, "you claim to share - not a word of truth!"

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Wrestle for Attention

‘Fight for her!!’ My blood boiled in my veins, ‘I wont fight for her!’ The spirit of wisdom had given me dating advice which did not agree with my views. ‘Why not?’ he barked. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Collected Beauty

Travelling the earth, I magically gathered the radiance of all the beauty I could find,

Universal Currency

‘That’s how it works in the universe,’ the spirit of wisdom threw his head back as he laughed.
‘I can’t believe the universe has a currency!’

Time Travel

In a blink, I stood in a time that was more akin to my values. ‘Just because your physical body is confined to a physical space and time, does not mean you can’t visit generations gone before you.’ The spirit of wisdom patted me on the back. 

The Wealth Within

‘Seeking to connect to the greater conscience, is as one locked up in a kings treasury, trying to escape to find wealth!’ 

The Singing Hammer

The singing hammerhead’s voice was at a painfully deafening pitch. My hammer had bounced off the hard, cold surface without leaving a mark. The vibration of the rejected and successless hammer violently and painfully shook the foundation of my being. I put down the slegde hammer with a thud, which echoed my internal resilience crumbling before the impenetrable barrier.

The Body's Voice

“It’s such a strange gesture.” I told the spirit of wisdom. We sat atop the stadium roof, invisible to the thousands of spectators watching the game on the field. 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

How you think about her

‘What are you mumbling about?’ The spirit of wisdom melted into the car through the roof and plonked in the seat next to me. ‘Don’t do that while I am driving!’ I grabbed my chest in fright. ‘You will cause me to have an accident!’
“Ha!’ The spirit spat back, ‘your head is not on driving!’

Fact & Feelings

‘Do you doubt me?’ I pushed the spirit for an answer. I had given him my version of the events the day before. 

Fact vs Television


‘There is a lot of hope for the human race!’ I insisted. Our conversation centred on the future hope of mankind. The spirit of wisdom shook his head, and floated to just below the ceiling of the room. The spirit reduced his form to a golden orb emitting bright white light, ‘This is what I get from a man born in a generation where fact is fantasy and television has become reality.’ 

Eat the Fuit

A man’s moral self will be filled with the fruit of his mouth; and with the consequences of his words he must be satisfied, whether good or bad.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Erase Communication

‘He just got the wrong idea.’ I sat with my arms folded during the interrogation. The spirit of wisdom was not impressed with my attempts.

Avoid Fools

The spirit of wisdom walked away from the man in the park, shaking his head. ‘What was that about?’ The spirit’s demeanour was different as he joined me for a walk in the park. ‘I am amused by those who regard tenderness to be cowardly.’ We stopped walking. ‘I pity those who regard arrogance to be courage.’ The spirit turned and waved a final farewell to the man he left behind. ‘I avoid those who treat wisdom foolishly.

Challenge & Martyrdom

“I don’t think I believe in anything strong enough to sacrifice my life.” I thought aloud. The spirit of wisdom just shrugged his shoulders. 

Flocks & Cafes

‘They are all alike.’ I remarked to the spirit of wisdom as we sat drinking coffee in a popular café. I had been watching a group of professional and business-looking ladies sitting in the shop. ‘Yes,’ the spirit sipped his double espresso, ‘People like to be around people that are a little like themselves.’
‘Birds of a feather flock together!’ I looked for a comparison I could understand.
‘It gives them identity, as a group and as individuals.’ The spirit turned to watch the group of friends.

‘A little shallow and self absorbed, don’t you think?’ Their conversation and oblivion to the rest of the world made them seem to be very materialistic in their life style and superficial in their relationships. The spirit turned back to face me, ‘So, what do people say about you and your group of friends?’  

Awake Safe

As you awake from nights’ cradle of sleep,
Know this; by your side I did keep,
Opposing enemies, arrows and bile,

So today I could gaze upon your lovely smile. 

More llike your mother?

‘Which parent do you take after more?’ The question rolled around in my head. A peer had questioned me about my heritage earlier and I could not answer him immediately.
I pondered the question while on my own. “You are neither!” His voice shattered the silence and jolted my concentration. The spirit of wisdom had drifted into my room unnoticed. “Are you suggesting that I am in fact an adopted child. Are the parents I know not my biological caregivers?”
“Not that either.” His smile was gentle and calming. “You are a perfect union between your mother and father. Your spirit is a balance between both of their destinies.”
“But I look more like my father.” I said

“Only on the outside” The spirit of wisdom slipped through the ceiling of my house and into an unseen world. 

Saturday, 12 September 2015


It was not a vision, or a dream that changed the course of my destiny.  It all started as simple observation that I made as a young man, about something I read.  I then made a simple decision in based on this one observation, not realising the impact that it would have on my life, and indeed, on the nation as a whole.  Who knows, it may affect the entire planet.  But, enough waffling.  Let me tell you the course of events that has brought me into the situation I now find myself. 


To my ex-wife: May your new husband be everything you dreamed of. May you expereince the happiness you so deserve. May God bless and keep you both, together for the rest of your days.

To my Baby Girl: You are allowed to love him, Boo! Its allowed. Just know I will always be here for you, for what ever, when ever. I love you with all that I am.

Thursday, 10 September 2015


"People have looked at the ground, and they will put an offer in." The voice on the phone was matter-of-fact.
"Ok" I choked. It wasnt good news. I have held a vision for the past 20 years, a dream of owning a piece of ground. Ground that spells my liberty. Ground that connects me to my hearts desire. An opporunity to inspire a generation of young people to entreprenerial growth.
I gave up that dream for the love of a woman which has grown old and died. The passion for the dream is as strong as ever. I felt God had renewed the expectation when I unwittingly discovered the ground.
Now it was about to slip through my fingers again. With a lump in my throat I eyed the spirit of wisdom.
"He has promised" he somberly said.
I believe.

Having done all, stand

I looked to my left, but there was nothing but darkness. I looked to the hazy unclarity to my right. Behind me lay what is forgotten. Before me lies what is unknown. I looked down to the Rock upon which I stood.
Frayed and battered I stand. Only of this I am sure, I will always stand for you.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Quick Fix

'4 bee stings just above my sock line', I told the spirit of wisdom, looking at my fat foot. the spirit put his hand on my head. I herd a sound like two palms of someones hands rubbing together. Cold air rushed up from the ground and swirled around my throbbing ankle. 'That ought to do it.' he said. I looked up at him in amazement. 'Its well' I gulped.
The spirit laughed, 'Its well' he echoed

The Adventures of Foggman

This is a hero that can neither leap over tall buildings or stop speeding bullets. He does not have x-ray vision and his hearing is average. This is not a tale of suspense and mystery. This is a mist story. 

Our hero hails from an average dysfunctional home, sharing the daily issues of living with every one else. However, our hero can instantly produce a cloud of mist in his immediate surroundings. 

Driving down the road, in his beat up Volkswagen, an inconsiderate driver cuts off our hero. Fffwhooop! Our hero responds by instantly clouding the inside of the car.... 

Stay tuned for more Adventures of FOGMAN, as our sponsorship and endorsements grow...

Foggman - Part 2

~News Flash on Radio~ 

... this is your traffic rapport on Jackaranda FM. Stay off the Witbank highway, between Middelburg and Witbank. Highway has been close due to heavy fog.

Unaware, our hero, we will call him Sidney, does his early saturday morning shopping at the mall.

Please note: names and places have been changed to protect the innocent involved

Heros Job is Thankless

The boot of the police car popped open as the police officer climbed out from the drivers side. He hastily searched the boot and emerged with a fire extinguisher. 

Foggman the Gardener

The silhouette moved through the heavy mist to the toolshed. Fogman cleaned his pruning shears and returned them to their place on the wall. his pruning of the fruit trees in his garden turned into mutilation once the fog descended. Just as well it wasnt a family-tree, he thought to himself as he locked the shed and headed to the fruit store.

Another Foggman Adventure

 In the world of super heros,keeping you identity a secret is quiet difficult. Looking at our Hero, FoggMann, as an example: dull office job by day, super-villan-fighter (NOT) by late afternoon. He has to be careful not to reveal his true identity at work.
Take the other day for example, Rachael, shares an office with our Foggman, was wearing a beautiful, but short dress. On crossing her legs, our secret hero glimpsed more than
he should have. Fwwoop! The whole office was plunged into fog. Luckliy for our hero, he wore fake glassess to conceal his true identity. Everyone in the office thought Foggman must have zipped through on a mission. Whew! Identity safe for a while longer...

Foggman - Part 6

Panic rushed every through every fibre of every person in the home store. Thick mist had riddled the shoppers with fears of a fire raging somewhere in the store. The screams filled the air as blinded clients crashed into shelving, glass breaking. 

'Please remain calm' the voice over the intercom boomed 'please move forward carefully' 
Foggman looked into the blinding mist, none the wiser of which way would take him out the shop, 'How can I move forward if I don't know which way I am facing?


He stood statue-like staring at the ground! The people mulled around him in aimless crowds, doing nothing, going nowhere. Was it possible that the years of exploding fog had finally taken its toll on our lost hero? Had his fogging ability made his body vanish? Was he invisible to the world? 

Staring at his shadow, he realised he wasn't invisible to the world, he was invisible just to the self-absorbed that filled the world! He was invisible to himself. 

It was time Foggman did something!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Wealth Within

‘Seeking to connect to the greater conscience, is as one locked up in a kings treasury, trying to escape to find wealth!’ The Spirit of Wisdom melted into the delicate tissue of my brain matter and communed with my mind as I slept. ‘I don’t understand,’ I said. I had asked the spirit if there was not an easy way to connect into the greater universal consciousness. I wanted to be able to tap into the wisdom of great teachers, philosophers and magicians of times past. I wanted access to the wealth of knowledge, experience and power that lies waiting in the realms of the greater consciousness. I wanted a heart to understand and experience, rather than information to just know the greater conscience. 
‘Every mind is part of, and makes up the greater conscience. Seeking to connect to it, in some external fashion is foolish. One merely needs to understand the mind which you possess, and learn to interpret the signals from the conscience correctly.’
‘I am already connected?’

‘The Great Book says that Father has already given you all things that pertain unto life and godliness. One merely needs to learn to tap into the resources within.’

The success of One

‘One should not measure success by counting how well developed your cheque account is!’ said the spirit of wisdom. I had taken pride in the amount of surplus I owned. ‘How would you suggest I measure my success?’ I was defiant.
‘The success of one’s life can be measure by using three very simple yardsticks,’ The spirit of wisdom moved to invisibility as he spoke. ‘Do you have something to love? Do you have something to do? Do you have something in which to hope?’

Success is far more meaningful than just counting your excess. 

The Second Encounter

His audience, both young and old alike, was captivated by the gentle flow and clever twists of his stories. Everyone erupted in laughter as the punch line slipped from his lips.

Prophetic Values

‘Teach me to prophesy!’ I demanded from the spirit of wisdom. He smiled shyly, ‘Ok’ he said. We whisked to a busy mall. Here he told me that he would show me how to foresee the success of any human being. ‘How!’ my childish excitement got me jumping up and down.

Super Positioning

‘Quantum Biology!’ I pointed to the documentary on television as the spirit of wisdom emerged from my mug of coffee. ‘Ah! Super Cylinders.’ The spirit said knowingly as he sat down on the couch beside me. ‘You are aware of this stuff?’ I scoffed. In my experience, the spirit of wisdom knew more about technology than I care to admit. ‘The super cylinders self-construct in the cells of the brain, to give the cell its shape and function.’ The spirit said in a dry monotonous tone. The documentary was about the physical make up of the brains cells. ‘You have seen this program before!’ I laughed.
‘The super cylinders have an amazing ability known as super-positioning!’ The narrators voice caught my attention. ‘This is the super cylinders ability to be in two places at once.’

‘What possible benefit could super-positioning have for the brain?’ I asked. The Spirit of wisdom started to de-materialise. As his image faded next to me on the couch, so his form materialised in front of me. Soon he had ‘tele-transported’ himself from the couch to stand in front of the television. ‘Yes, I wonder what benefit there could be?’ He looked me straight in the eye for a while. Slowly a smile etched across his face and then he vanished.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Take a Bite!

‘Aaaagh!’ Agitated by the harassment of new people on the block, I banged a fist against the door as I walked into the shower.  It was time to cool off. Turning the water on, I noticed the bathroom mat showing flickering signs of life. 

Spirit of Death

I know not whether we were in the flesh or in the spirit, but as the spirit of wisdom and I conversed, we observed an awesome spirit travel towards us. The spirit of wisdom greeted the spirit of death. 

Selfish & Giving

‘How do I make her understand that I am so unhappy?’ I was depressed, and the humble spirit of wisdom once again had to lend a sympathetic ear. ‘Are you unhappy being with her?’

Selfishly Unconditional

“You don’t value anything I do,” the spirit of wisdom glared at me, ‘so, maybe if I do nothing you will then value me!” The telephonic conversation was intense. The spirit did not help as he pulled faces and cringed every time I spoke. 

A little formless

 ‘He believed I was just like him.’ I laughed as I relayed the story of an encounter with a man I met through my work to the spirit of wisdom. The spirit was in the park, portraying an artist as he worked on a sculpture. ‘Are you?’ He asked through the hammering and banging.

Road not Travelled

‘The journey does not end just because the road does.’ said the spirit of wisdom. He was floating above me, smiling at the confused look on my face. I had chosen to travel down a path in the wilderness that was less traveled, but it was a path nonetheless. 

The Unspoken is Truth

‘I find it hard to believe what people say.’ I attempted to understand a friend. His circular conversation just confused and frustrated me. The spirit of wisdom chuckled, ‘You are not the only one with that problem.’

Dynamite in Words

My lips fused together! They shut tighter than welding on a ship. I could not breathe in through my mouth. I stumbled backwards in panic. 

Drone? Player Maker?

‘I am looking for a party!’ I wanted to celebrate something, anything! I decided it was time to celebrate my career. ‘You are headed for the high life!’ The balloon decorations floating against the ceiling sang.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

One for the Price of Two

‘I think I want a second opinion!’ I said sarcastically. The spirit of wisdom and I had been discussions a course of action I needed to take, that I may not share here. 

No wood - No Fire

I flung the door shut with a bang! Friends gossip about me had reached my ears. I wanted to get on the phone and do some fighting.

The Rule of Generosity

As I put my annual bonus into the charity box, I turned and smiled boastfully to the spirit of wisdom.

It's about how you think about it

‘What are you mumbling about?’ The spirit of wisdom melted into the car through the roof and plonked in the seat next to me. 

High Gloss Low Value

“I really like this one.” I pointed to the shiny stereo on the top shelf. The spirit of wisdom just shook hi s head, “This one is of superior quality” he said pointing to one along the isle.

Guaranteed Answered Payers

I rolled up my car  window as the beggar turned and moved to the next vehicle. 

What Gravity?

‘It just seems that as humans we are destined to struggle.’ I said, watching the spirit shape shift to form a pot plant.

Give up to be Happy

‘She said happiness is right in front of you and you don’t recognize it.’ The spirit of wisdom had been in conversation with the sweet love of my life.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Magical Imagination

The children laughed as the old man sitting under the large oak tree read his stories with drama and emphasis.

Day Lilly Love

Love may be eternal,

But it should be renewed daily.

Love Leads

Last night, as I slept, the spirit of wisdom came to visit my soul.

He granted me one question to which I wished for an answer.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Glitter-less Gold

I watched as the Spirit of wisdom played basketball with a group of street children living in the city center. 

Fill the Gap

‘It’s futile. I have been chasing this dream for twenty years.’ I sat in conversation with the Spirit of wisdom.

Dreams and Success

“Ah well, suppose I can’t sit here and day dream all the time.” I muttered as I flopped forward to my desk. The spirit of wisdom had joined the soccer game on my pc as a striker and was winning the game with ease. ‘Nothing wrong with a dream!’ He called out over my pc speaker from his position on the pitch. It doesn’t get any work done, I thought to myself. ‘Dreams are the foundations for plans.’ The game went on pause and the screen zoomed into the spirit’s position, focusing on his face, “And plans, when tuned into action - bring success.” 

Dumb Luck vs Beliefs

‘Wow!’ I was having a long run of very good fortune in my life. Just dumb luck, I thought.
‘Do you really believe that in this realm of planned coincidence and perfect timing, all that has happened to you is just luck.?’ Smiling I hugged my lotto winnings cheque and I nodded my. ‘It happens to be a lot more than just good karma!’ The spirit of wisdom scowled at me. 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What Manner of Man

I slammed my fist into the door. I had lost a prised possession to theft. It was not something that was vital to my every day living, but I had placed great sentimental value on it.


‘I don’t have enough love in my life.’ I polished the surface of a sculptured piece of wood I had made. The spirit of wisdom occupied himself by designing a work of art, ‘There is a way to get more love into your life.’ He mumbled as he drew lines onto the wood he had chosen to carve.
‘Make yourself easier to be loved by others.

Dream vs. Reality

‘That is hard to swallow!’ I barked. The spirit of wisdom told me that our body could not tell the difference between reality and a well-defined thought. ‘If the picture in your mind is clear, your body will respond as if it were reality!’
‘No, I can’t agree with you.’

The Sound of Life

The storm had stopped as sudden as it had started. I stood outside and appreciated the beautiful dark clouds, the smell of post storm freshness, when I suddenly noticed it. The spirit of wisdom rose up from a steaming puddle and noticed I was awe-struck. “Not many appreciate it“ he said quietly. “Most try avoid it by living in cities, or try drown it out with loud television or music."
"Its the most beautiful thing ever" I whispered. Not a bird moved or chatted, not a breeze stirred. "What is that sound?" I asked after a while.
"The sound of God breathing." Said the spirit.

love is a Promise

The greatness you so revere in me is naught but presumption. I am nothing. It is in the lull of our relationship, when all resource is exhumed, that I hastily retreat, for I am nothing.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Foggman on Mother's Day

The mist was thick, foggman shook his head, it always happened at the most inappropriate times. 'Mom, you here? You okay?'
A hand slid into foggman, he grabbed the arm 'mom?'
'Don't worry boytjie, mummy is here and will lead you to safety.'
Foggman laughed, no matter who you are, or what powers your wield, your mother will still see you as a little child needing love and protection. Thank God for mummy's...

My Spot Under the Sun

‘Bravo!’ the spirit of wisdom cheered, ‘Encore!’ My embarrassment of discovering an audience burst from my heart and onto my face, while the spirit applauded and called for a replay. ‘I saw nothing but the ending,’ he laughed, ‘and it was fabulous!’
‘It is just silliness.’ I blushed, ‘A little party trick,’ I said trying to redeem myself. ‘Despise not your abilities. Your gift will make place for you,’ said the spirit as he patted me on the back, ‘It will bring you before kings!’

Fading Appreciation

The sculpture was large, finely detailed and breath-taking. The elephant and her calf bathing was made entirely out of sand, and precariously close to the waves washing up onto the beach. This did not seem to deter the artist as he work furiously to beat his obvious deadline.
"Hey" someone called from the large admiring crowd, "the tide is coming in!..."
The artist paid no attention to the comments. People in the crowd hastily took photos of the beautiful structure from all angles, occasionally asking the artist to either "get in" or "get out" the photo.
Soon, the inevitable happened, a wave rolled in and damaged the delicate artwork on on side. With this, the artist turned ran into the sea to wash him self off of all the sand, leaving the crowd to their distressed sighs "all that hard work, and the beautiful work will be washed away" someone commented.
The artist returned from the sea, collected his things and made ready to leave.
"Excuse me" I called " but why do all this work, create such a stunning artwork, for it to. Be washed away?"
He smiled. "Peoples preferences change all the time, fashion evolves faster than the art world ca
n cope. So I made an art work to be appreciated in the moment, people will photo it and talk about it for years. Its art for a moment."
"That's crazy" I heard myself say
"Maybe" laughed the artist, "but the truth is beauty does not fade at all, its the appreciation of the beauty that fades."


‘I put all those photo’s in the album labelled memories.’ I pointed to the book shelf laded with files and albums, all clearly marked for easy identification. The spirit of wisdom shook his head as he chuckled. ‘What’s so funny?’ I demanded.

‘Humans are so funny insisting that everything have a name or a label. See how you have marked all your files? Humans want to do that with everything they observe.’ The spirit stretched out his hand and the relevant file slipped out of its resting place, drifted in mid air and gentle stopped in the his grasp. ‘That’s how we are able to recognise our world.’ Bemused, I shook my head at the thought of a noun-less living. ’An object that has no name, or a creature that defies description defies observation. Because it has no noun, no adjective, your labelling machine of a mind rejects that thing, and it becomes invisible to you.

‘I can see everything in this world!’ I insisted, looking around the room. I rattled off the names of everything I could see. ‘Ah yes!’ said the spirit, ‘You see, and call out everything with a name and an adjective attached to it. The room is full of things you have not labelled.’ He stared blankly at me, ‘Can you point one out to me?’

Judge Well

‘How boring is he!’ I remarked while observing and imagining the content of a colleagues life at work. I noticed the screen saver on my computer screen had changed.

Key to immortality is...

The rain fell gently as the spirit of wisdom and I walked away from the grave side. ‘Death is such a final thing.’ I broke the silence.

‘Is it?’

‘I would like to be immortal.’ I blundered on. ‘Like the movie, you know, live forever.’

’Oh really.’ The spirit was obviously not his normal tentative self. 

‘You should know the key to immortality,’ I prodded him, thinking he would not answer. ‘Tell me the key to immortality.’

‘Death.’ Came the blunt reply.

Cost of a Rainbow

‘Her answer was yes.’ I was devastated. The spirit of wisdom looked up at with me. ‘I am sorry,’ he said. I had asked the one I loved if she was bored with my affections, and I asked her if she wanted to leave me. ‘You knew?’

‘I did.’ The sympathy in his tone did not appease my anger at him.

‘Then why did you not tell me?’ The tears ran down my face. I truly thought this love was eternal.

‘It is not for us to know the end result of our efforts, lest we never begin them.’

‘Cant you advise me, so that I can always have a rainbow in my life?’ I sobbed.

‘If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.’ 

I was Ready...

I slumped against the wall as I felt my soul weaken within my body. ‘Are my words not true?’ He had shown me the futility of my hopes. The spirit of Loneliness placed his hand on my shoulder, ‘With my care, you will be accepted. With me, you will find sweet rest.’ Pictures of friends jeering faces flashed through my mind. The awareness of my failure swelled up inside and suffocated me. I was ready to give in, give up. I looked into the empty eyes of the spirit of loneliness, his dead smile acknowledged my surrender. ‘Welcome.’ He whispered, as I felt my spirit ready itself to leave my body.

‘Leave him.’ Your firm voiced shook the spirit of loneliness so hard, he loosened his grip on my being. ‘He belongs to me.’ You drew the spirits strength and turned it into love and acceptance. The warmth of your embrace filled and strengthened my soul. ‘He is willing to give up, and go with me!’ the spirit of loneliness screamed. ‘I am comfortable where I am.’ I uttered, as I regained my strength from your love. In a puff of black smoke the spirit off loneliness left. His final scream of defeat left the stench of sulphur in the air. Thank you for saving me from my self. From the corner of my eye I noted the spirit of wisdom as he saluted you. With the understanding he called you to my rescue, I saluted him.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Communication is Interpretation

‘How is it that you are able to communicate with animals?’ Watching the spirit of wisdom and the cat play intrigued me. ‘Do you speak animal languages?’

‘Well, sort of!’ The spirit of wisdom stood up from where he had been playing.

‘Can you teach me?’

‘I will try. Do you understand that energy is molecules vibrating?’ I nodded. ‘Emotions also vibrate. They vibrate at a certain frequency. Each emotion vibrates at its own unique frequency.’

‘And by identifying the frequency you can understand what the animals feel and think! That is amazing.’ The ability to identify each unique frequency seemed simple enough, even for humans to comprehend. There are complications, just as with humans communicating with words.’ The spirit warned me as he sat down on the couch. ‘What kind of complications?’

‘Even with specific vibrations for each emotion, the intention of the other creature is still open to my own interpretation.’ The spirit called the cat to sit on his lap. The cat paused to look in the spirits direction, and then continued to walk towards the kitchen and her food bowl. ‘Sometimes I still get it wrong!’

Beliefs & Objects

‘You talk about beliefs as if they are objects!’ I said to the spirit after his students had all gone. I had been listening to the spirit of wisdom; posing as a psychologist lecturer, teach a class of university students. We ‘have’ believes, and we ‘own’ beliefs. We ‘get’ them, ‘pick’ them up, ‘gain’ them, and even ‘inherit’ a few.


‘All relationships have ups and downs!’ the spirit spoke gently as the mist of his being filtered through the air vents in my car. The brightest, prettiest, girl in my life with the contagious giggle had dumped me for my ‘frumped looks’ and lack of style. ‘I am sure she did not mean you are dull and boring to look at.’ The spirit tried in vain to cheer me up. Her comment had hurt. ‘I am no romance god, that comments like that don’t matter. This stuff is hard. I am not the handsome night in shining armour.’ I wallowed in self pity.

‘At least she marked you on your colourful personality and intellect. That’s a good thing! Looks are not everything.’

‘Yeah? Tell that to the pretty-model boy she will be taking to dinner tonight.’ We sat in silence for a while. ‘I think I could use a lover’s guide.’

‘There is something you can put on your dating résumé!’ the spirit of wisdom chuckled under his breath. ‘Yeah. Like what?’

‘Number one: I am colourful!’

Friday, 24 July 2015

Something New

‘I did everything I could.’ I said as the spirit of wisdom raced around the fish tank, chased by one of the angle fish. They were playing a game of tag. ‘No you didn’t!’ He scooted past and into the miniature castle. ‘You went back and did the same thing as last time, just louder, harder and faster.’ His voice echoed from within the castle. This tipped the angle fish off to his location. The fishy spirit raced up to the glass to face me, ‘And what did that get you?’

The spirit and I had been through this conversation before. I was looking for new results. Previously he said I should try something different. I thought I had. But in hindsight, I could see that the spirit of wisdom was right, as usual. The angle nipped the spirits tail. He was tagged. The angle fish raced away to hide. It was the first time the angle tagged the spirit, as she had come up with a way to corner him in the castle, his favourite hiding place. The spirit swam up to the glass once again, ‘If you always do what you always did, you will get what you always got!’ It was time to try something new!

Risk it

The spirit of wisdom threw his head back in laughter. We discussed laws that controlled the spiritual realm, and had a strong influence on our life as humans. One had caught my attention. ‘Give and you shall receive.’ I had heard of this law during my religious education as a youngster, but never paid much attention to it. The spirit laughed at my facial expressions as I pondered the effect of this newly discovered reality on my own life. ‘So, if I was to give away all I had, would I get all I ever wanted?’ The spirit stopped laughing, ‘Take a risk and find out!’

Ode to Average





“AVERAGE” is what the failures claim to be when their family and friends ask them why they are not more successful. AVERAGE is the top of the bottom, the best of the worst. AVERAGE is the bottom of the top, the worst of the best. Which of these are you?


AVERAGE means being run of the mill, mediocre, insignificant, and “I also ran…” a nonentity.


Being AVERAGE is to the lazy person’s cop-out; it’s lacking the guts to take a stand in life; it’s living by default.


Being AVERAGE is to take up space for no purpose; to take a trip through life, but never to pay the fare, to return no interest for the investment in you.


Being AVERAGE is to pass one’s life away with time, rather than to pass one’s time away with life. It is to kill time, rather than to work it to death.


To be AVERAGE is to be forgotten once you pass from this life. The successful are remembered for their contributions, the failures are remembered because they tried, but the AVERAGE, the silent majority are just forgotten.


To be AVERAGE is to commit the greatest crime one can against yourself, and against humanity. The saddest epitaph is this: “Here lies Mr. Or Mrs AVERAGE. Here lies the remains of what might have been, except for their belief, that they were only average!”

So you do have feelings!

‘The outrage!’ I shouted as I banged my fists on the desk. A situation at work was out of control, and I was ready to resolve the issues with my fists.

Welcome to Adulthood

‘I give up fighting off adulthood.’ I stormed into the house, throwing my briefcase across the room, ‘Finally, I embrace all its bitter responsibilities!’ I threw myself onto the couch and reached for the televisions remote. The spirit of wisdom oozed into the room through the wall, ‘We all surrender sooner or later.’ He said as he hovered above me, ‘For most, it’s sooner and with a lot less struggle.’ I shot him a dirty look. As much as I appreciated his company, my mood had no appreciation for his insights. ‘How do you know you have crossed over the threshold from youthfulness to adult maturity?’ He folded his arms as he looked down from his spot on the ceiling. ‘Easy!’ I spat. ‘Becoming an adult is the direct result of losing hope in all the dreams and fantasies that fuel my zeal and passion for life!’

‘Ah,’ said the spirit, drifting towards the window, ‘You now chant the adulthood chant!’

‘What chant would that be?’ The window opened itself, and the spirit readied to leave. ‘Que sera sera,’ he sang as he drifted out of the window and out of sight, ‘whatever will be, will be!’

Action vs Intention

‘Did you judge him on the basis of his actions or on his intentions?’ The spirit of wisdom moulded himself into the dashboard of my car, and took ownership of all the meters and dials. We discussed the science of forgiveness driving along the highway using my anger towards a friend as an example. ‘I do not understand what you are asking.’ I looked down at the odometer.