Friday, 24 July 2015

Action vs Intention

‘Did you judge him on the basis of his actions or on his intentions?’ The spirit of wisdom moulded himself into the dashboard of my car, and took ownership of all the meters and dials. We discussed the science of forgiveness driving along the highway using my anger towards a friend as an example. ‘I do not understand what you are asking.’ I looked down at the odometer.
A signal, ‘TOO FAST’ flashed in red across the panel.
‘Humans judge other people by their actions and the results thereof.’ The spirit drifted in fog form to the passenger seat, ‘But they like to judge themselves by the intention of their actions.’ He took shape in the seat next to me, ‘Slow down!’ he barked. I chuckled. It was clear that a friend’s action had offended me, but I had never inquired about his original intentions. Just then, a traffic officer jumped into the road. ‘I did warn you,’ said the spirit. The speed dial indicated I was above the legal limit. The spirit smiled sweetly as the officer stood beside the car, ‘The choice of judging my action or forgiving my intention, is yours!’

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