Monday, 20 July 2015

Ambition vs Expectation

‘Well, that was no fun!’ I said as the door slammed behind me. I threw my kit down in the entrance and headed for the kitchen. I had taken part in a competition at the local shooting range all day where little had gone my way. It was exceptionally frustrating, as I had won with ease the year before. I plucked open the fridge only to see a minute spirit of wisdom sitting cross legged on the shelf next to the cola. ‘That’s what expectation will do to you.’ He said without greeting.

‘’What will expectation do?’ I took the can of cola from the shelf and closed the fridge.

‘Cause disappointment.’ The fridge door opened and the spirit drifted out and down to the floor.   

‘Should I have gone to the competition without expectation? Should I have expected to lose?’ I snapped sceptically.
You went last year to have fun. You wanted nothing of the day but to relax and meet new people - and you won. This year you went to win, focused and determined. You returned feeling miserable. Don’t you think there is a connection?’ The spirit returned to his familiar form and size,

‘Are you saying I should have no ambition in life?’ I asked after sipping the cold refreshment.

‘Ambition is good, but it is very different from expectation.’ The spirit turned into vapour as he spoke, and sank down into the floor.      

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