Saturday, 25 July 2015


‘All relationships have ups and downs!’ the spirit spoke gently as the mist of his being filtered through the air vents in my car. The brightest, prettiest, girl in my life with the contagious giggle had dumped me for my ‘frumped looks’ and lack of style. ‘I am sure she did not mean you are dull and boring to look at.’ The spirit tried in vain to cheer me up. Her comment had hurt. ‘I am no romance god, that comments like that don’t matter. This stuff is hard. I am not the handsome night in shining armour.’ I wallowed in self pity.

‘At least she marked you on your colourful personality and intellect. That’s a good thing! Looks are not everything.’

‘Yeah? Tell that to the pretty-model boy she will be taking to dinner tonight.’ We sat in silence for a while. ‘I think I could use a lover’s guide.’

‘There is something you can put on your dating résumé!’ the spirit of wisdom chuckled under his breath. ‘Yeah. Like what?’

‘Number one: I am colourful!’

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