Saturday, 25 July 2015

Communication is Interpretation

‘How is it that you are able to communicate with animals?’ Watching the spirit of wisdom and the cat play intrigued me. ‘Do you speak animal languages?’

‘Well, sort of!’ The spirit of wisdom stood up from where he had been playing.

‘Can you teach me?’

‘I will try. Do you understand that energy is molecules vibrating?’ I nodded. ‘Emotions also vibrate. They vibrate at a certain frequency. Each emotion vibrates at its own unique frequency.’

‘And by identifying the frequency you can understand what the animals feel and think! That is amazing.’ The ability to identify each unique frequency seemed simple enough, even for humans to comprehend. There are complications, just as with humans communicating with words.’ The spirit warned me as he sat down on the couch. ‘What kind of complications?’

‘Even with specific vibrations for each emotion, the intention of the other creature is still open to my own interpretation.’ The spirit called the cat to sit on his lap. The cat paused to look in the spirits direction, and then continued to walk towards the kitchen and her food bowl. ‘Sometimes I still get it wrong!’

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