Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Consider the Cabbage

The spirit of wisdom stood with his hand on my shoulder. I sat with my head buried in my hands, woefully pondering life’s turmoil. ‘Consider the cabbage,’ he said, ‘It takes but weeks to develop from a seed to a ripe cabbage.  It does not endure hardships of weather or the lack of resources too well. Once harvested, it will comfort man for only a short while. It must be quickly utilised, as its strength fades fast. Now consider the oak tree.’
I saw you standing a way off. It looked as if your legs had sprouted roots and had anchored you to the ground. In a flash I witnessed how the weather formed and moulded your beauty. Decades flew by as if seconds, and I watched your braches reach tall and spread wide. Your beauty and gentleness was apparent from afar, and it drew many people to the security and comfort of your shelter. Your strength protected them from the storms, and your branches welcomed the birds and fostered their children. As the years slipped away your beauty and grace inspired and affected many generations that followed. You were the perfect role model for your offspring. The spirit of wisdom chuckled, ‘Which of the two would you be?’ In a puff he vanished. 

Thank you for the stability, grace, wisdom that you bring into my life.

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