Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dream vs. Reality

‘That is hard to swallow!’ I barked. The spirit of wisdom told me that our body could not tell the difference between reality and a well-defined thought. ‘If the picture in your mind is clear, your body will respond as if it were reality!’
‘No, I can’t agree with you.’

‘Well, look around you right now, and tell me if we are communing as you sleep, ...or are you physically awake and responding.’ I looked around the familiar living room. I could feel the touch of the sofa beneath my hand. I sensed the warmth of the sunrays shining into the room. I followed the cat’s path to his bowl with my eyes. ‘I am awake!’ I declared. The spirit of wisdom raised one eyebrow. A bell started to ring, and I could not tell from where the sound emanated. I jolted as I awoke from a deep sleep, lying in my bed. I reached over and switched my alarm clock off. The spirit of wisdom drew open my curtains to let the early morning sun shine in. ‘Good morning, dreamer!’  

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