Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Fading Appreciation

The sculpture was large, finely detailed and breath-taking. The elephant and her calf bathing was made entirely out of sand, and precariously close to the waves washing up onto the beach. This did not seem to deter the artist as he work furiously to beat his obvious deadline.
"Hey" someone called from the large admiring crowd, "the tide is coming in!..."
The artist paid no attention to the comments. People in the crowd hastily took photos of the beautiful structure from all angles, occasionally asking the artist to either "get in" or "get out" the photo.
Soon, the inevitable happened, a wave rolled in and damaged the delicate artwork on on side. With this, the artist turned ran into the sea to wash him self off of all the sand, leaving the crowd to their distressed sighs "all that hard work, and the beautiful work will be washed away" someone commented.
The artist returned from the sea, collected his things and made ready to leave.
"Excuse me" I called " but why do all this work, create such a stunning artwork, for it to. Be washed away?"
He smiled. "Peoples preferences change all the time, fashion evolves faster than the art world ca
n cope. So I made an art work to be appreciated in the moment, people will photo it and talk about it for years. Its art for a moment."
"That's crazy" I heard myself say
"Maybe" laughed the artist, "but the truth is beauty does not fade at all, its the appreciation of the beauty that fades."

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