Sunday, 19 July 2015

Heart of Understanding

I nagged, ‘Give me more information, so that I can understand what it is you are saying!’ 
The agitated spirit of wisdom just shook his head, ‘Information does not bring understanding, it only brings information.’
‘Cute.’ I snapped, ‘So, I have to make heads and tails of your speech on the few words you uttered?’
‘According to eastern philosophy, if you have a heart to understand, you will!’
‘How do I get a heart of understanding? Wishing wont make it so!’

‘True!’ The spirit walked to a nearby window and opened it, ‘Do not understand with your mind. As an observer of life, be involved by feeling it.’ With a sizzle he turned into a falcon, perched on the sill, ‘Feeling it,’ He continued in his feathered form, ‘will give you understanding!’ He turned and launched off the edge with a tremendous beat of his powerful wings.

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