Monday, 20 July 2015

Hindsight vs Foresight

‘That was a bad choice!’ I discussed the actions of a friend with the spirit of wisdom. The course of action taken by my friend seemed like the wrong thing to do, as it just worsened his case. ‘He should have thought this through a bit better.’ I was not forgiving.

‘He did not have the luxury of hindsight when he made his decision.’ The spirit was firm.

‘He could have made a better choice.’ I insisted.

‘He made the best choice available to him at the time of making that choice!’ The spirit shook his head. ‘With the new information he now has, he can make a better choice!’ The spirit expressed his concern over my views of my friend. I maintained that he should have made a better choice. ‘If hindsight was foresight, every human would be perfect in all their choices!’

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