Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I was Ready...

I slumped against the wall as I felt my soul weaken within my body. ‘Are my words not true?’ He had shown me the futility of my hopes. The spirit of Loneliness placed his hand on my shoulder, ‘With my care, you will be accepted. With me, you will find sweet rest.’ Pictures of friends jeering faces flashed through my mind. The awareness of my failure swelled up inside and suffocated me. I was ready to give in, give up. I looked into the empty eyes of the spirit of loneliness, his dead smile acknowledged my surrender. ‘Welcome.’ He whispered, as I felt my spirit ready itself to leave my body.

‘Leave him.’ Your firm voiced shook the spirit of loneliness so hard, he loosened his grip on my being. ‘He belongs to me.’ You drew the spirits strength and turned it into love and acceptance. The warmth of your embrace filled and strengthened my soul. ‘He is willing to give up, and go with me!’ the spirit of loneliness screamed. ‘I am comfortable where I am.’ I uttered, as I regained my strength from your love. In a puff of black smoke the spirit off loneliness left. His final scream of defeat left the stench of sulphur in the air. Thank you for saving me from my self. From the corner of my eye I noted the spirit of wisdom as he saluted you. With the understanding he called you to my rescue, I saluted him.

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