Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Judge Well

‘How boring is he!’ I remarked while observing and imagining the content of a colleagues life at work. I noticed the screen saver on my computer screen had changed.
The spirit of wisdom had walked into view as my screensaver, shaking his head. A speech bubble appeared next to his disapproving face, ‘That’s no healthy way to judge a man!’ Familiar with the spirit of wisdoms method of  rebuking me, I threw my hands into the air, ‘So it’s wrong! Teach me a different way!’
No sooner than the words had left my mouth, when the screen changed. It was as if I was watching a documentary of the private life of my colleague. I watched him play soccer, and retreat with friends for a social, where my dull office companion was bright, witty and intelligent. The scene flipped and I viewed a disadvantaged community benefiting from my colleagues soccer and refereeing expertise. The credits rolled down the screen, and stopped half way. The words ‘JUDGE A MAN BY HOW HE RESTS!’ flashed on my screen. I watched my office associate with new understanding from then on!

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