Sunday, 19 July 2015

Rich Eye Poor Eye

I shared a meal with the spirit of wisdom, as he entertained me with very intriguing conversation. I sipped a wine as I leaned back in my chair, ‘I have been poor most of my life.’ I began as the spirit of wisdom refilled his glass. ‘I refuse to be pulled in by quick schemes and illegal dealings.’ I watched in vain for the spirit’s reaction. ‘If you could give me one tip to develop wealth and maintain it, what would you say?’

‘Your eye is poor.’ He slipped out his answer in between sipping his wine.

‘A poor eye! And what exactly does that mean?’

‘Have you ever noticed when you buy a car, for example, that you thought was new and unique? Yet, when you get out on the road you suddenly notice many of the same models. It even seems to be injected into television programmes and adverts, where you previously never noticed it?’

‘Yes, I have. It is strange. So, a poor eye would spot poverty everywhere?’ The spirit nodded yes. I reviewed my own life and noted how much poverty and bad luck I observed. ‘What should I do to counteract that?’ I reached for the bottle to refill my glass.

‘Develop a rich eye.’

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