Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Smell of Smoke

‘To act on what you believe is not such a foreign concept.’ The spirit of wisdom chuckled at my confused expression. He had said that in order to have wealth pass through my hands, I must think and behave like a rich man. I had put some spare change into a beggars’ coffer. The spirit challenged me on the difference of behaviour between a rich man and a poor man. ‘By acting rich, the universe’s wealth energy will recognise you as an acceptable channel though which it can enter the realm of the physical.’ He said. ‘I don’t want to just channel money into the world. I would like to raise my standards of living too.’ I reached into my pocket for my wallet.
‘One cannot stand next to a fire, walk away and not smell of smoke,’ the spirit winked.

‘So, I now act as if I smell of smoke?’ I took out a bill and walked back to the beggar

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