Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Breath of God

‘Look behind you.’ Said the spirit of wisdom as he held my hands tightly in his. I turned my head and saw my body, peacefully asleep on the bed during a warm summers night. ‘You are to travel for a while.’ Said the spirit as he faded into a minute speck of light. I looked around and took in the view of my house and my street from this different perspective. I was aware of a tug on my body. I turned to see who or what pulled me. The tiny speck of light drew me closer to itself as it grew. When the brilliant white and gold light engulfed me I saw the familiar figure of the spirit of wisdom. ‘Is the light God?’ I asked the spirit. He smiled, ‘The light is not God.’ He put his hand on my shoulder and encouraged me to follow him, ‘The light is what happens when God breathes out!.’

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