Friday, 24 July 2015

Welcome to Adulthood

‘I give up fighting off adulthood.’ I stormed into the house, throwing my briefcase across the room, ‘Finally, I embrace all its bitter responsibilities!’ I threw myself onto the couch and reached for the televisions remote. The spirit of wisdom oozed into the room through the wall, ‘We all surrender sooner or later.’ He said as he hovered above me, ‘For most, it’s sooner and with a lot less struggle.’ I shot him a dirty look. As much as I appreciated his company, my mood had no appreciation for his insights. ‘How do you know you have crossed over the threshold from youthfulness to adult maturity?’ He folded his arms as he looked down from his spot on the ceiling. ‘Easy!’ I spat. ‘Becoming an adult is the direct result of losing hope in all the dreams and fantasies that fuel my zeal and passion for life!’

‘Ah,’ said the spirit, drifting towards the window, ‘You now chant the adulthood chant!’

‘What chant would that be?’ The window opened itself, and the spirit readied to leave. ‘Que sera sera,’ he sang as he drifted out of the window and out of sight, ‘whatever will be, will be!’

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