Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What Manner of Man

I slammed my fist into the door. I had lost a prised possession to theft. It was not something that was vital to my every day living, but I had placed great sentimental value on it.
I was on the edge of depression, when the spirit of wisdom sat in my heart. ‘It could have been worse,’ he said. That was not what I wanted to hear. ‘Watch!’ he said as... he conjured up a mirror. Looking into it, I could see the smile wrinkles of a content life on my face. The spirit drew the attention to the twinkle of an educated & capable mind in my eye. I saw the full length of my healthy and active body in the mirror. ‘You forget the manner of man you be.’ Said the spirit as he left my emotional space. I don’t believe I am controlled by the physical and materialistic world around me. I draw my self image from my inner worth. ‘I will forget no more!’ I called after the spirit, as his image faded into the stillness of the night.

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