Friday, 14 August 2015

A little formless

 ‘He believed I was just like him.’ I laughed as I relayed the story of an encounter with a man I met through my work to the spirit of wisdom. The spirit was in the park, portraying an artist as he worked on a sculpture. ‘Are you?’ He asked through the hammering and banging.

‘Not even close!’ I laughed. ‘His misconception of me did help close the deal.’ I watched as the spirit chipped away at his work of art. ‘Why did he think we are alike?’ I asked the creative spirit.

‘People like people that are a little like themselves.’ He paused from the work. ‘Some people are a little lonely, and so project a little of themselves into everyone around them, so creating an air of sharing and acceptance for themselves.’ He returned to his work. ‘So, what do you think of my work of art?’ He leaned back to get a better view of his work. It was a little formless I thought. ‘Ah, good!’ said the spirit, as he chipped away a protruding bit, ‘A little like me then?’

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