Saturday, 29 August 2015

Another Foggman Adventure

 In the world of super heros,keeping you identity a secret is quiet difficult. Looking at our Hero, FoggMann, as an example: dull office job by day, super-villan-fighter (NOT) by late afternoon. He has to be careful not to reveal his true identity at work.
Take the other day for example, Rachael, shares an office with our Foggman, was wearing a beautiful, but short dress. On crossing her legs, our secret hero glimpsed more than
he should have. Fwwoop! The whole office was plunged into fog. Luckliy for our hero, he wore fake glassess to conceal his true identity. Everyone in the office thought Foggman must have zipped through on a mission. Whew! Identity safe for a while longer...

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