Friday, 14 August 2015

Drone? Player Maker?

‘I am looking for a party!’ I wanted to celebrate something, anything! I decided it was time to celebrate my career. ‘You are headed for the high life!’ The balloon decorations floating against the ceiling sang.

‘I am dangerous!’ I shouted throwing a victory punch into the air.
‘Ha! You’re so bloody bored! You think this is a life, addicted to pollution, loving the filth?’ The balloons melted into a bodily form.  ‘The corporate suits own you. You think you have choices in life. The only choice is the colour of your pillow slip.’
‘Hey,’ I moaned, knowing the spirit of wisdom was about to pop my celebration bubble with ugly truth, ‘It’s a life!’
‘And you my foolish friend are no player in this modern world.’
‘I am a mover and shaker!’ I conned no one but myself.

‘A pollution loving puppet controlled by a pay cheque. A drone!’ The spirit faded into the floor taking the light with him. I stood alone in the dark room. ‘ I hate reality checks!’ I slumped onto the sofa.

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