Sunday, 9 August 2015

Guaranteed Answered Payers

I rolled up my car  window as the beggar turned and moved to the next vehicle. 

I grumbled at the beggar’s endless plea. Our nation is full of poverty, and I have too little to share with strangers, I thought. The car radio switched itself on, ‘This is the latest broadcast brought to you by the spirit of wisdom,’ The voice boomed over the stereo speakers; ‘Today’s insight for successful living is the proverb; Whoever stops his ears from the cry of the poor, will cry himself and not be heard.’ The radio fell silent. Slowly I rolled down my window and whistled for the beggar. On his return, I looked into the sad brown eyes of unanswered cries and place a few pennies in the open hand. The gratitude was sincere and carried a promise of answered payer.  

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