Saturday, 29 August 2015

Heros Job is Thankless

The boot of the police car popped open as the police officer climbed out from the drivers side. He hastily searched the boot and emerged with a fire extinguisher. 

'No no thats not required!' sidney ran towards the officer. 'I have the situation under control, thank you officer.' 
The cop eyed him with suspicion. 'Did you extinguish da fire, meneer?'
'No there was no fire. I made fog'
'Was you smoking in da kar?'
'No no i made fog. I was angry at another driver and then fog came out of me. I pulled over because I couldnt see.'
'Fog came out off you?' the officer was getting nervous. 
'Yes, magically.'
'Fog came out of you by magic?' The officer lost his fear and his temper simultaneously. He swung the fire extinguisher narrowly missing fogman, 'Meneer' he barked. He was angry 'Dont morse with me. I is trying to do a job here ne. And if me thinks yous is morsing with me, you will magically find handcuffs on your wrists, and magically you will be in jail ne!' with that he stormed off and climbed into his car.
'Ai, a hero's job is a thankless one!' both men thought as they recounted the incident.

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