Sunday, 9 August 2015

It's about how you think about it

‘What are you mumbling about?’ The spirit of wisdom melted into the car through the roof and plonked in the seat next to me. 

‘Don’t do that while I am driving!’ I grabbed my chest in fright. ‘You will cause me to have an accident!’
“Ha!’ The spirit spat back, ‘your head is not on driving!’
‘No,’ I blushed, “you are right!’
‘Does she feel the same about you?’ t
he seat belt automatically slipping over him and clicking into place. I laughed, ‘she does not even know my name!’
‘Do you think of you two together?’
‘No, just of her smell, her smile, the sound of her voice…’ I paused, blushing again, ‘ and I say her name over and over!’
‘Well,’ the spirit said laughing, ‘think about the two of you together.’

‘What’s that going to help?’ I was sarcastic. I suddenly noticed the seat where the spirit had been sitting was now empty, seat belt still in place. The car radio burst to life…’just try it and see!’ the familiar voice of the spirit boomed. ‘Ok! Ok!’

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