Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Magical Imagination

The children laughed as the old man sitting under the large oak tree read his stories with drama and emphasis.

The spirit of wisdom had taken to treating children on a Sunday afternoon to the wonders of the book called “The magic book of Shen Ku.” Each week the spirit read a new story, to the shrieks, giggles and wonder from the audience of little faces.  

 Everyone enjoyed the story as the Spirit led them through the tale, all except for one little girl standing by the spirit’s side. Her eyes fixed on the pages of the book, her face flushed with confusion. ‘What’s the matter, Katie?’ asked her little friend sitting close by.

‘All the pages are blank!’ her eyes still fixed to the empty pages.

‘Ah,’ said the spirit, ‘the magic book of Shen Ku can only be read by me.’ He winked at the young crowd. ‘But, where do the words come from?’ Katie was curious.

‘From the magic realm of my imagination.’ The spirit laughed.

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