Sunday, 9 August 2015

One for the Price of Two

‘I think I want a second opinion!’ I said sarcastically. The spirit of wisdom and I had been discussions a course of action I needed to take, that I may not share here. 

‘You want a second opinion?’ the spirit spluttered jokingly, ‘A second opinion, other than that of the spirit of wisdom?’ He teased
‘Yes!’ I grunted. I watched in amazement as a second image of the spirit stepped out of his frame. The two images of the spirit of wisdom looked at each other, turned to me and smiled. ‘I am the second opinion you requested,’ the second image smiled, ‘My opinion is the same as his!’ He pointed to the first image. Both of them erupted into laughter. ‘Two opinions for the price of one!’ Joked the original image.

‘Huh!’ I grunted, ‘More like one opinion for the price of two!’

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