Sunday, 23 August 2015

Prophetic Values

‘Teach me to prophesy!’ I demanded from the spirit of wisdom. He smiled shyly, ‘Ok’ he said. We whisked to a busy mall. Here he told me that he would show me how to foresee the success of any human being. ‘How!’ my childish excitement got me jumping up and down.

‘Examine their values!’ he stated seriously. He continued to inform me that certain words, with external factors stripped the holder of the power of success. ‘I don’t understand,’ I groaned.
‘Words such as money, or careers, or friends, have external elements that control their fate. These external pieces hold the power to success’ said the spirit. ‘When someone has a goal that includes external factors, those factors own the success.’

‘It is when the value-holder favours things’ I had a revelation, ‘that are squarely in his or her own control, placing the responsibility of success, snugly on their own shoulders, that they gain the power to succeed.!’ I was filled with glee of the revelation. I realised that the people in the mall had become symbols of their values in my eyes. ‘When you see such a soul,’ the spirit pointed to a person walking towards us, who seemed to own his goals, ‘you can prophesy that you have seen a champion!’

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