Friday, 14 August 2015

Selfish & Giving

‘How do I make her understand that I am so unhappy?’ I was depressed, and the humble spirit of wisdom once again had to lend a sympathetic ear. ‘Are you unhappy being with her?’

‘No, I love her, and enjoy her company. But of late it is as if she is absent from us when we spend time together.’
‘She doesn’t want to be with you?’
‘I don’t know. Her head is always full of other things. I feel as if I have lost her. I used to feel telepathic love emanating from her that would engulf me. It doesn’t happen anymore.’ The spirit and I then sat in silence for a while. It is nice to be that comfortable with someone that one does not feel the need to force a conversation. ‘Sometimes,’ the spirit suddenly erupted as he sat forward in his chair, ‘sometime people go through a growth phase or develop in their spiritual self.’ I acknowledged that I understood. ‘When this happens’ the spirit continued, ‘people become introverted, aware only of self as they change.’
“Loved ones then feel rejected or abandoned during this time.’ I added hesitantly.

‘Not on purpose.’ The spirit smiled at me. ‘It is in these times you will find the true motivation of your relationship. Are you selfishly going to pull away because your needs are not met; or will you become the pillar of support and understanding she needs during this time?’ I realized that I may need to take some time to contemplate my own growth in an attempt to answer the wisdom of the spirits challenge.

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