Friday, 14 August 2015

Spirit of Death

I know not whether we were in the flesh or in the spirit, but as the spirit of wisdom and I conversed, we observed an awesome spirit travel towards us. The spirit of wisdom greeted the spirit of death. 

The grim reaper stood tall in comparison to the spirit of wisdom, with the massive and eerie sickle held in his left hand. As they spoke, I wondered what it looked like under the dark and unwelcoming hood that covered the spirit of death’s face. 
The spirit of wisdom turned to me and warned me not to desire such a dangerous thing, ‘It is peering into the darkness of the hood that reveals the evil darkness that is inside a man! One look is enough to make you realize all the right reasons for you to pass from this life into the next.’ The spirit’s stern warning frightened me so much that I asked the grim reaper if I could dare a look. 
His yes rumbled deep inside the cloak, shadowed by a spine-chilling laugh. I took a step closer and peered into the darkness under the hood. Terror engulfed me as I saw evil beyond description. My stomach convulsed, ready to vomit out my spirit, that it may follow the spirit of death to its final resting place. The spirit of wisdom pulled me away, and injected life-giving energy into my heart and mind. I lay on the ground trembling and shocked, gripped in fear of what I had seen under the hood, ‘It… it… it was …’ I stuttered in terror, ‘It was a mirror!’ 

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