Sunday, 23 August 2015

Super Positioning

‘Quantum Biology!’ I pointed to the documentary on television as the spirit of wisdom emerged from my mug of coffee. ‘Ah! Super Cylinders.’ The spirit said knowingly as he sat down on the couch beside me. ‘You are aware of this stuff?’ I scoffed. In my experience, the spirit of wisdom knew more about technology than I care to admit. ‘The super cylinders self-construct in the cells of the brain, to give the cell its shape and function.’ The spirit said in a dry monotonous tone. The documentary was about the physical make up of the brains cells. ‘You have seen this program before!’ I laughed.
‘The super cylinders have an amazing ability known as super-positioning!’ The narrators voice caught my attention. ‘This is the super cylinders ability to be in two places at once.’

‘What possible benefit could super-positioning have for the brain?’ I asked. The Spirit of wisdom started to de-materialise. As his image faded next to me on the couch, so his form materialised in front of me. Soon he had ‘tele-transported’ himself from the couch to stand in front of the television. ‘Yes, I wonder what benefit there could be?’ He looked me straight in the eye for a while. Slowly a smile etched across his face and then he vanished.

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