Friday, 14 August 2015

Take a Bite!

‘Aaaagh!’ Agitated by the harassment of new people on the block, I banged a fist against the door as I walked into the shower.  It was time to cool off. Turning the water on, I noticed the bathroom mat showing flickering signs of life. 

‘They are nice people, and would really like you to join them for a get-to-know-the–neighbor party. That’s all!’ The mat levitated around the bathroom. The patterns had formed the familiar features of the spirit of wisdom's face.
 ‘Ah. I should have known you were behind them nagging me to join. They must leave me alone. I am socially inept.’ Suddenly the mat fell to the floor with a Thwap! The spirits silhouette remained drifting in the steam from the hot shower, ‘Socially starved, more like it!’
‘So, I am a hermit.’

‘There is no place to hide,’ the spirit waved his silhouetted arm and the walls of the bathrooms and house became invisible, ‘You might as well take a bite out of life.’

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