Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Second Encounter

His audience, both young and old alike, was captivated by the gentle flow and clever twists of his stories. Everyone erupted in laughter as the punch line slipped from his lips.

‘I know you from somewhere.’ I approached him once the crowds had dispersed. ‘We met once,’ said the elderly gentleman, ‘but your arrogance ensured a short encounter.’ He spoke as he gathered up his things and placed them in a large leather travelling bag. ‘I apologise.’ I had an unexplainable urge to get to know this man. He had a strange energy, a magnetism, that pulled me to him. ‘To accept would imply that I was initially offended.’ He stopped packing and looked me in the eyes,  ‘I wasn’t. You acted in the way the system guided you.’ He smiled, picked up his bag and began to leave.
‘Please, don’t go.’ I blurted the words before I could control myself.

‘I am always with you.’ He waved as he walked. ‘Just call, and you will see!’ He then vanished. 

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