Sunday, 9 August 2015

What Gravity?

‘It just seems that as humans we are destined to struggle.’ I said, watching the spirit shape shift to form a pot plant.

 ‘We have no special powers. We are limited to eighty years of life, and cannot even fly.’ I grumbled. The pot plant drifted to the ceiling as the spirit took on his familiar form once again. He was in a pleasant mood. ‘Humans have many special powers.’ He said, diving into the fish bowl. It seemed as if he could communicate with the surprised goldfish.
‘What special powers do we have?’ I flopped down into an armchair, no longer impressed with the spirit of wisdom or his display. It seemed as if the gold fish enjoyed his company. ‘What would you say if I told you that aging and gravity was an ancient  evil spirit’s idea of a practical joke on humans?’ The sound echoed out of the fish bowl.
‘Practical joke?’ Huh!’

‘Your problem is not the lack of special powers. Your problem is believing you have no special powers, and acting on that belief.’ His comment left me stinging. ‘By not believing in yourself, but believing the joke,’ he continued, ‘you pass to your children the curse of a short and flightless life!’ He popped out of the fishbowl, and reappeared in front of me. Our eyes locked for a moment, then he vanished. 

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