Sunday, 27 September 2015

How you think about her

‘What are you mumbling about?’ The spirit of wisdom melted into the car through the roof and plonked in the seat next to me. ‘Don’t do that while I am driving!’ I grabbed my chest in fright. ‘You will cause me to have an accident!’
“Ha!’ The spirit spat back, ‘your head is not on driving!’

Fact & Feelings

‘Do you doubt me?’ I pushed the spirit for an answer. I had given him my version of the events the day before. 

Fact vs Television


‘There is a lot of hope for the human race!’ I insisted. Our conversation centred on the future hope of mankind. The spirit of wisdom shook his head, and floated to just below the ceiling of the room. The spirit reduced his form to a golden orb emitting bright white light, ‘This is what I get from a man born in a generation where fact is fantasy and television has become reality.’ 

Eat the Fuit

A man’s moral self will be filled with the fruit of his mouth; and with the consequences of his words he must be satisfied, whether good or bad.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Erase Communication

‘He just got the wrong idea.’ I sat with my arms folded during the interrogation. The spirit of wisdom was not impressed with my attempts.

Avoid Fools

The spirit of wisdom walked away from the man in the park, shaking his head. ‘What was that about?’ The spirit’s demeanour was different as he joined me for a walk in the park. ‘I am amused by those who regard tenderness to be cowardly.’ We stopped walking. ‘I pity those who regard arrogance to be courage.’ The spirit turned and waved a final farewell to the man he left behind. ‘I avoid those who treat wisdom foolishly.

Challenge & Martyrdom

“I don’t think I believe in anything strong enough to sacrifice my life.” I thought aloud. The spirit of wisdom just shrugged his shoulders. 

Flocks & Cafes

‘They are all alike.’ I remarked to the spirit of wisdom as we sat drinking coffee in a popular cafĂ©. I had been watching a group of professional and business-looking ladies sitting in the shop. ‘Yes,’ the spirit sipped his double espresso, ‘People like to be around people that are a little like themselves.’
‘Birds of a feather flock together!’ I looked for a comparison I could understand.
‘It gives them identity, as a group and as individuals.’ The spirit turned to watch the group of friends.

‘A little shallow and self absorbed, don’t you think?’ Their conversation and oblivion to the rest of the world made them seem to be very materialistic in their life style and superficial in their relationships. The spirit turned back to face me, ‘So, what do people say about you and your group of friends?’  

Awake Safe

As you awake from nights’ cradle of sleep,
Know this; by your side I did keep,
Opposing enemies, arrows and bile,

So today I could gaze upon your lovely smile. 

More llike your mother?

‘Which parent do you take after more?’ The question rolled around in my head. A peer had questioned me about my heritage earlier and I could not answer him immediately.
I pondered the question while on my own. “You are neither!” His voice shattered the silence and jolted my concentration. The spirit of wisdom had drifted into my room unnoticed. “Are you suggesting that I am in fact an adopted child. Are the parents I know not my biological caregivers?”
“Not that either.” His smile was gentle and calming. “You are a perfect union between your mother and father. Your spirit is a balance between both of their destinies.”
“But I look more like my father.” I said

“Only on the outside” The spirit of wisdom slipped through the ceiling of my house and into an unseen world. 

Saturday, 12 September 2015


It was not a vision, or a dream that changed the course of my destiny.  It all started as simple observation that I made as a young man, about something I read.  I then made a simple decision in based on this one observation, not realising the impact that it would have on my life, and indeed, on the nation as a whole.  Who knows, it may affect the entire planet.  But, enough waffling.  Let me tell you the course of events that has brought me into the situation I now find myself. 


To my ex-wife: May your new husband be everything you dreamed of. May you expereince the happiness you so deserve. May God bless and keep you both, together for the rest of your days.

To my Baby Girl: You are allowed to love him, Boo! Its allowed. Just know I will always be here for you, for what ever, when ever. I love you with all that I am.

Thursday, 10 September 2015


"People have looked at the ground, and they will put an offer in." The voice on the phone was matter-of-fact.
"Ok" I choked. It wasnt good news. I have held a vision for the past 20 years, a dream of owning a piece of ground. Ground that spells my liberty. Ground that connects me to my hearts desire. An opporunity to inspire a generation of young people to entreprenerial growth.
I gave up that dream for the love of a woman which has grown old and died. The passion for the dream is as strong as ever. I felt God had renewed the expectation when I unwittingly discovered the ground.
Now it was about to slip through my fingers again. With a lump in my throat I eyed the spirit of wisdom.
"He has promised" he somberly said.
I believe.

Having done all, stand

I looked to my left, but there was nothing but darkness. I looked to the hazy unclarity to my right. Behind me lay what is forgotten. Before me lies what is unknown. I looked down to the Rock upon which I stood.
Frayed and battered I stand. Only of this I am sure, I will always stand for you.