Thursday, 17 September 2015

Challenge & Martyrdom

“I don’t think I believe in anything strong enough to sacrifice my life.” I thought aloud. The spirit of wisdom just shrugged his shoulders. 

“The rumours of war make it seem like a time of unrest, but really this is the time of greatest peace in the world. No place for martyr’s in times of peace.” The spirit looked at me with an unsettling smile. “That’s not the end of the speech.” I could sense the spirit had an ominous conclusion. “The seed for real change has been planted.”
“More farming tips?” I interrupted. The spirit nodded.
“The seedlings bring revolution, and revolution will challenge everything you thought you believed.”
“I thought I believed?” I tried to make light of the seriousness, “Hey, I know what I believe.”

That certainty will bring you the opportunity to become a martyr!” 

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