Sunday, 27 September 2015

Fact & Feelings

‘Do you doubt me?’ I pushed the spirit for an answer. I had given him my version of the events the day before. 

It seemed to me that the spirit of wisdom thought I was lying. ‘Do you think I am changing the truth?’ In all my conversations with the spirit of wisdom it never occurred to me to lie. It seemed as if he always knew the truth anyway.

’Truth is a relative concept,’ He said bluntly, ‘and is not always based on reality.’
‘Do you think I was dreaming?’ I was offended.
‘No one person’s perception of reality is in itself - truth. A human’s version of truth is always littered with emotions. There is no feeling in circumstances. For a person to give an emotionless account of the facts will be to deny the very thing that makes him human.’
‘Apes have feelings.’ I interjected.

‘Feelings that are guided towards themselves and the apes around them. Human’s feelings are converted into the beliefs, opinions and actions which affect every living creature, and the very future of this planet.’

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