Thursday, 17 September 2015

Flocks & Cafes

‘They are all alike.’ I remarked to the spirit of wisdom as we sat drinking coffee in a popular café. I had been watching a group of professional and business-looking ladies sitting in the shop. ‘Yes,’ the spirit sipped his double espresso, ‘People like to be around people that are a little like themselves.’
‘Birds of a feather flock together!’ I looked for a comparison I could understand.
‘It gives them identity, as a group and as individuals.’ The spirit turned to watch the group of friends.

‘A little shallow and self absorbed, don’t you think?’ Their conversation and oblivion to the rest of the world made them seem to be very materialistic in their life style and superficial in their relationships. The spirit turned back to face me, ‘So, what do people say about you and your group of friends?’  

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