Thursday, 10 September 2015


"People have looked at the ground, and they will put an offer in." The voice on the phone was matter-of-fact.
"Ok" I choked. It wasnt good news. I have held a vision for the past 20 years, a dream of owning a piece of ground. Ground that spells my liberty. Ground that connects me to my hearts desire. An opporunity to inspire a generation of young people to entreprenerial growth.
I gave up that dream for the love of a woman which has grown old and died. The passion for the dream is as strong as ever. I felt God had renewed the expectation when I unwittingly discovered the ground.
Now it was about to slip through my fingers again. With a lump in my throat I eyed the spirit of wisdom.
"He has promised" he somberly said.
I believe.

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