Sunday, 4 October 2015

Wrestle for Attention

‘Fight for her!!’ My blood boiled in my veins, ‘I wont fight for her!’ The spirit of wisdom had given me dating advice which did not agree with my views. ‘Why not?’ he barked. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Collected Beauty

Travelling the earth, I magically gathered the radiance of all the beauty I could find,

Universal Currency

‘That’s how it works in the universe,’ the spirit of wisdom threw his head back as he laughed.
‘I can’t believe the universe has a currency!’

Time Travel

In a blink, I stood in a time that was more akin to my values. ‘Just because your physical body is confined to a physical space and time, does not mean you can’t visit generations gone before you.’ The spirit of wisdom patted me on the back. 

The Wealth Within

‘Seeking to connect to the greater conscience, is as one locked up in a kings treasury, trying to escape to find wealth!’ 

The Singing Hammer

The singing hammerhead’s voice was at a painfully deafening pitch. My hammer had bounced off the hard, cold surface without leaving a mark. The vibration of the rejected and successless hammer violently and painfully shook the foundation of my being. I put down the slegde hammer with a thud, which echoed my internal resilience crumbling before the impenetrable barrier.

The Body's Voice

“It’s such a strange gesture.” I told the spirit of wisdom. We sat atop the stadium roof, invisible to the thousands of spectators watching the game on the field.