Friday, 2 October 2015

The Singing Hammer

The singing hammerhead’s voice was at a painfully deafening pitch. My hammer had bounced off the hard, cold surface without leaving a mark. The vibration of the rejected and successless hammer violently and painfully shook the foundation of my being. I put down the slegde hammer with a thud, which echoed my internal resilience crumbling before the impenetrable barrier.

As I viewed the unscathed surface, unaffected by my hammer, I knew in my heart that I had been beaten. I let go of the handle of the hammer and it plonked to the ground. I turned away to find some medical care for my injured ego, when I saw the spirit of wisdom standing watching me. ‘There is only one way to break through the protection barriers she has placed around her heart!’ the spirit started, ‘And that my rejected friend, is by using love!’ 

Deep in my own fragile heart, I knew what the spirit said was true, but where I stood I lacked the confidence to take his advice. ‘Maybe!’ I nodded, ‘But for now, I need to learn to love me before I attempt breaking through to her.’

‘Getting comes through giving.’ The spirit placed his arm around my shoulders and we walked into the night and back to the warmth of home.

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