Friday, 2 October 2015

Time Travel

In a blink, I stood in a time that was more akin to my values. ‘Just because your physical body is confined to a physical space and time, does not mean you can’t visit generations gone before you.’ The spirit of wisdom patted me on the back. 

We walked through the village as people went about their daily business. Blacksmiths used no power tools to exercise their craft. I watched as children played in streets of dirt. I heard the clutter of hooves, and turned to watch a band of knights ride by. A child accidentally ran into me, apologised graciously and went on his way.

‘How is it possible that I can interact in this age, if I am not really here?’ I thought the spirit brought me here in mind only. The shock of the physical sensations of the contact with the child reeled through my body. ‘Times past cannot be physically revisited. The spirit and memories of those moments live on in the greater consciousness. Here you too are only a spirit, and so may interact freely.’ The words of the spirit of wisdom drifted into my mind as I enjoyed my surroundings through all my senses. Suddenly there was a different sensation. My being jerked as I crashed into my physical body. I became aware of someone standing beside me. I opened my eyes, to find myself back in my study, to the cautious gaze of a loved one. ‘Where were you?’ She asked gently, ‘Sleeping?’ 

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