Friday, 2 October 2015

Universal Currency

‘That’s how it works in the universe,’ the spirit of wisdom threw his head back as he laughed.
‘I can’t believe the universe has a currency!’

‘Yes it does. Those emotions you have been complaining about…’ The spirit slapped my back.
‘Emotions … currency?’ I was confused.
‘Good emotions like happiness, contentment is when we have been awarded universal currency. Bad emotions like depression, shock, mourning over a lost one, are when we pay universal currency back...’ The spirit faded into vapour as he spoke. ‘So, my crying about my dead dog is… what?’ It still made no sense to me. ‘You paying for all the good times you have shared. If it were a friend you had lost, better times, meaningful conversations, the repayments would be higher.’

‘More pain and anguish, you mean?’ Suddenly I noticed the bags around the spirit of wisdoms eyes. There was a glint of loss I had not noticed before. ‘Yup,’ His voice sounded like an echo as he faded from sight, ‘and no one is exempt from paying, or receiving.’ 

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