Friday, 13 November 2015

Weeping Planet

The cries were heart shattering, and sounded like the weeping of a broken child.  I walked around my house, but found no one.  I hollered for the attention of the spirit of Wisdom. "Slowly!" He burst forward from the trunk of a large nearby tree,
"You don't have to shout so loud!" He had his hands cupped over his ears.

"Shht!" I hushed him, "Listen!" He paused for a moment. "Can you hear those moans and groans of a child crying?"

He breathed in deeply and sighed; "Those groans, my human friend, are not the groans of a child."

"What then?"

"The groans that torment you hear are the groans of the planet earth."

"The planet is crying. I don't understand."

"At creation, the earth was placed under the curse of decay. The living planets pain is real."

"What can you do about it?" I was at breaking point as the groans tormented the peace of my soul.

"Me?" He shook his head, "I can do nothing about it. The salvation lies with mankind."

"What can we do?"

"The earth will be freed from the curse when man recognizes what kind of powerful being he be. The earth groans until you recognize the power you own as the sons of man."

Saddened and confused by the spirit of Wisdoms words, I walked into the bathroom of my house and stood in front of the mirror. I gazed at my own image and wondered what kind of awesome power lay beyond the feeble exterior that I viewed.  Do you know?

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